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Learn the Hebrew Language

The Ulpan is a school or institute dedicated to the intensive study of the Hebrew language. The plural form is Ulpanim and means literally studio.

It was designed since the Birth of of Israel, to teach adult immigrants the basic language skills of conversation, reading and writing, to help them with their absorption process.

Ulpanim in the various Kibbutzim

Ulpanim in the various Kibbutzim


Ulpan Etzion was established in Jerusalem in 1949 as a model for Hebrew language education across the country.

It continues to teach Hebrew to immigrants today 70 years later. There are many private institutions, but the majority are run by the Jewish Agency, the different municipalities, the Kibbutzim and the various universities. Since the establishment of the first Ulpan in Jerusalem about 1.3 million of new immigrants have graduated from Ulpanim.

Staff of Young Judaea Year Course in Israel

Staff of Young Judaea Year Course in Israel

Certified Instructors

They are certified by the Ministry of Education with a variety of techniques to help the students improve their skills. The classes are held in different levels and include trips to certain venues of Israel Culture thus enhancing the learning experience.


A Dream come true for young North Americans arriving in Israel

A Dream come true for young North Americans arriving in Israel

A successful Aliyah

When you first arrive as a new immigrant to Israel, you will be able to function in English, because in Israel most of the people speak it, but nothing compares to speaking the local language in order to integrate yourself to society.

We recommend starting with your Hebrew classes even before making Aliyah since there are many resources throughout North America, the UK and Europe in general.

The new Olim or immigrants are granted five months of free, intensive Hebrew Ulpanim ans parts of their immigration benefits.

If your Aliyah date is between January 1st 2017 and December 31st 2018, Misrad Haklita or Department of Absorption, offers additional assistance for the study of the Hebrew language. For more info please see the following document.

Lear Hebrew with Ulpan online

Lear Hebrew with Ulpan online

Rosen School of Hebrew

Founded in 2000 it offers the only online Hebrew language courses authorized by Israeli Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education.

Learn Hebrew-In-Hebrew which has been proven the most effective way to learn our language. Wherever you are in the world, The Rosen School of Hebrew brings the world of Hebrew to you. Our classes are conducted via live video conferencing, so you can participate in lessons, tutorials and student discussions from the comfort of your own home, according to your schedule.

For more information visit Nefesh B'Nefesh

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