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Tiberias Israel
On the Sea of Galilee

Tiberias Israel or Tveria in Hebrew is a city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, the Kineret. For most Israelis Tveria means vacation and it is known for the many hot springs, believed to heal skin problems and other ailments. For the visitors to the Holy Land it is a must stop for a few days in order to tour the Galilee and all important Christian Sites in the area.

It is one of the Four Holy Cities for Judaism along with Jerusalem, Hebron and Safed.

The City of Tveria on the shores of Lake Kineret

The City of Tveria on the shores of Lake Kineret

Israel Lowest City

Located on the shores of Lake Kineret, this is the lowest city in Israel at 212 meters below sea level. It offers many attractions among them:

Old Tveria

It can be visited on foot through the Archaeological park in the city center, then the promenade, past the Turkish Citadel and the famous Et Hachaim synagogue of Rabbi Haim Abulafia.


Tiberias features a few great beaches on the lake

The city features a few great beaches on the lake


Since it is located on Israel’s only freshwater lake, you have many beaches or around the lake to choose from, that includes three beaches dedicated to religious bathers with separation of sexes and the enforcement of modest clothing.

All other beaches are public and some for a modest fee offer all kind of water sports for the delight of everyone in the family.

The best beaches to mention are:

  • HaTchelet
  • Holiday Inn Beach
  • Beriniki Beach

Tiberium Water Show

Tiberium Water Show

Tiberium Water Show

For those that have been to the Bellagio in Las Vegas, it will bring some memories.

The water show designed by a multi-media company, the show takes place on the south end of the Yigal Alon Promenade and it is offered free to the public in the evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

Tiberias Israel

Tiberias nightlife

Tiberias nightlife

Yigal Alon Promenade

Also known as the Tiberias Promenade is a popular scenario for boats, marina and views of the lake. During high seasons, you may find art and crafts exhibits

Water Level Measure

Israelis are obsessed by the water levels of the Kineret, since it’s the main water supplier of the country.

Go to the end of the promenade to watch the 5-meter-high Water Level Measure Sculpture for a nice treat.

Church of Scotland

Church of Scotland

Christian Churches

Every single Holy Land Tour visits the Galilee and probably stay for a few days in Tiberias or any of the Kibbutz Hotels in the area.

There are many churches to visit such as:

  • St. Peter’s Church, constructed on the ruins of a Crusader church
  • The modest basalt Church of Scotland
  • The Greek Orthodox Church and Monastery of the Twelve Apostles

There are many more in the rest of the Galilee.

Scots Hotels at the Scottish Compound

Scots Hotels at the Scottish Compound

The Scottish Compound

The Scots Hotel, located in the Scottish Compound, has the most fascinating history. Even if you’re not staying here, come have a look around. The hotel was established by the Scottish Church in 2004 in the former Scottish Hospital, the first hospital in Tiberias, built in 1894. The hotel combines 19th century basalt buildings with a modern hotel of international standards. The Church of Scotland is also located in the compound.

The old cemetery of the holy city of Tveria

The old cemetery of the holy city of Tveria

Old Cemetery

Being one of the holy cities, this one is the final resting place of many of the Jewish sages among them:

  • Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNes, a second-century sage who helped compile the Mishna
  • Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, also known as Maimonides or Rambam, a 12th century court physician, author and rabbi
  • Rabbi Yohanan Ben Zakkai, active in the era of the Second Temple
  • Rabbi Akiva, a great Jewish scholar killed by the Romans for his role in the Bar Kochba Revolt
  • Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto or Ramchal, a prominent Italian-Jewish rabbi, kabbalist and philosopher.

The Fish Market

Wake up early to go to this market and watch the dozens of boats bringing back their fresh catch to the Shuk or market.

And try one of the fresh falafels, sold by a few vendors in the area.

Dona Gracia Museum

This museum tells the story of Gracia Nasi who used her considerable wealth to save many Jews from the Spanish Inquisition and build a Jewish city in Tiberias. The museum is located in a castle.

Hamat Gader National Park

Hamat Gader) is a hot springs site in the Yarmouk River valley, used since the Classical antiquity. It is located next to the Jordanian border, set on several mineral springs with temperatures up to 50 degrees centigrade.

Painting ot Tveria in the 1920s

Painting ot Tveria in the 1920s

Brief History

It was founded by Herod Antipas in 17-22 CE.

From the 2nd through the 10th centuries the city was the largest Jewish center in the Galilee.

As Christianity took hold, many churches were built in Tiberias and its surroundings.

Tiberias has been continuously inhabited and various buildings and ruins from various periods are well-preserved. In the Old City, built during the Crusades and the Ottoman Empire, a number of early sites are visible, including Daher El-Amar's 18th century fortress, a Jewish ritual bath, the black basalt remnants of the city wall, and the Church of St. Peter.

In modern times, this is a common Israeli city with all this represents and of course a major tourist spot for all religions.

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