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Things to do in Israel
Our Top Ten List

There are so many things to do in Israel, that it was difficult to hand pick the top ten for this list.

I have been visiting and living in this awesome country for almost 60 years and part of that on the Travel Industry, so I know the places first hand.

Things to do in Israel

That's me floating on the Dead Sea

That's me floating on the Dead Sea

Float in the Dead Sea

This is a unique experience, when you go into the water and can barely swim because your body won’t let you. The density of the water is so high with salt and minerals, that it is difficult to even bring your legs down to “stand” on the floor of the sea.

That said, it is great to do it. People from all over the world come to Israel and the Dead Sea for the healing properties of the waters and just relax and enjoy being in the lowest spot on the Planet Earth.

Things to do in Israel

Things to do in Israel

Amazing Marine Life on the Red Sea

Amazing Marine Life on the Red Sea

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in the Red Sea

For this you have to go to Eilat, our southernmost city on the shores of the Red Sea, our gate to the Indian Ocean and the Orient.

Most of the dive sites are reefs and you may reach them straight from the shore, no need for boats for that. It is particular to the shores of Eilat, that you reach depths of 20 to 40 meters by walking a few steps from the edge.

The Japanese Gardens are only accessed by boat. It is an awe-inspiring site with great visibility and a an amazing marine life.

Things to do in Israel

Visiting the Ramon Crater

One of the natural wonders of Israel, this crater is 40 km long by 2 to 10 km wide. It is part of the Ramon Nature Reserve, that includes the surrounding Negev mountains.

The Ramon Crater is 40 kilometers long and 2 to 10 kilometers wide, shaped like an elongated heart. It is a part of the Ramon Nature reserve that includes also the surrounding Negev mountains.  You may visit the site when reaching the small town of Mitzpe Ramon.

Meah Shearim

Walk a few steps from Jerusalem downtown and you are in a world apart. Here what is important are the people and their way of life.

The residents have very little contact with the rest of the city. It is the way of the Ultra-Orthodox Judaism. Men wear long back coats regardless of weather and women and even little girls dress with extreme modesty.

When visiting this neighborhood, you should adhere to their rules or risk not to be welcome in their midst.

Machon Ayalon

Locate in my home town Rehovot, what is today a museum it was a secret ammunition factory disguised as part of a kibbutz, in order to fight the British in the 1940s.

The members of the kibbutz worked very hard to conceal the true purpose of the place and at its peak it produced about 40,000 bullets a day, that were smuggled to other parts of the country.

To visit this place, just drive less than half an hour to Rehovot south of Tel Aviv.

Hiking the Israel National Trail with a view of the Kineret

Hiking the Israel National Trail with a view of the Kineret

Israel national trail

Called in Hebrew “Shvil Israel” it is a hiking trail that crossed the country from the northern border all the way to the south to Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba. It runs for approximately 1,100 km.

From north to south starting at Kibbutz Dan:

  • Section 1: From Dan to Tel Hai
  • Section 2: From Tel Hai to Metzudat Koach
  • Section 3: From Metzudat Koach to Dishon
  • Section 4: From Dishon to Mt. Meron
  • Section 5: From Mt. Meron to Ein Koves (Safed)
  • Section 6: From Ein Koves to Migdal
  • Section 7: From Migdal to Poriya
  • Section 8: From Poriya to Yavne’el
  • Section 9: From Yavne’el to Kfar Kish
  • Section 10: From Kfar Kish to Mashad
  • Section 11: From Mashad to Hanezirim Mill
  • Section 12: From Hanezirim Mill to Osfia
  • Section 13: From Osfia to Nahal Me’arot
  • Section 14: From Nahal Me’arot to Zichron Yaakov
  • Section 15: From Zichron Yaakov to Hadera
  • Section 16: From Hadera to Netanya
  • Section 17: From Netanya to Tel Aviv
  • Section 18: From Tel Aviv to Tel Afek
  • Section 19: From Tel Afek to Gimzu
  • Section 20: From Gimzu to Mesilat Tzion
  • Section 21: From Mesilat Tzion to Tzuba
  • Section 22: From Tzuba to Eziona Junc.
  • Section 23: From Eziona Junc. to Beit Guvrin
  • Section 24: From Beit Guvrin to Tel Keshet
  • Section 25: From Tel Keshet to Dvir
  • Section 26: From Dvir to Meitar
  • Section 27: From Meitar to Amasa
  • Section 28: From Amasa to Arad
  • Section 29: From Arad to Be’er Efe
  • Section 30: From Be’er Efe to Meizad Tamar
  • Section 31: From Meizad Tamar to Makhtesh Katan
  • Section 32: From Makhtesh Katan to Oron
  • Section 33: From Oron to Mador
  • Section 34: From Mador to Sde Boker
  • Section 35: From Sde Boker to Akev
  • Section 36: From Akev to Hava
  • Section 37: From Hava to Mitzpe Ramon
  • Section 38: From Mitzpe Ramon to Saharonim
  • Section 39: From Saharonim to Holit
  • Section 40: From Holit to Zofar
  • Section 41: From Zofar to Barak
  • Section 42: From Barak to Zihor Junc.
  • Section 43: From Zihor Junc. to Shizafon
  • Section 44: From Shizafon to Shaharut
  • Section 45: From Shaharut to Timna
  • Section 46: From Timna to Raham Etek
  • Section 47: From Raham Etek to Yehoram
  • Section 48: From Yehoram to Eilat

Today this trail is done by thousands coming from all over the world. And, by the way, it can be done by parts and not the whole trail in one shot.

Things to do in Israel

Jeep Safari tour

One the most exiting ways to discover Israel is by jeep on a regular tour or a safari tour. It is done in may areas of the country, like the Judean Mountains, the Negev Desert and the Golan Heights.

Camel riding in the Negev

If you are an adventurous and want to find a treat for the kids, this is the right experience that will never forget.

It is done mostly in the Negev and is suitable for all ages. Just talk to your guide and he will take you to the area of the Israeli Bedouins that will provide this unique experience

Swim with the dolphins

Here we are in Eilat, again. Swimming with the Dolphins is conducted in sessions with guided groups.

The sessions last about an hour, half of this is devoted to choosing the equipment and signing the normal medical papers.

It is all conducted not far from the shore, where you will observe the animals how they interact among themselves and with the instructors.

What a treat to the whole family is Kayaking in the Jordan River

What a treat to the whole family is Kayaking in the Jordan River

Kayaking in the Jordan River

During summers and even in winter, for some people, this is a great experience. It is usually done on two important kibbutzim on the Jordan River, Kibbutz Hagoshrim and Kibbutz kfar Blum. I did it with my grandchildren out of Kfar Blum and it was great.

The most popular routes are the Hazbani River and the Jordan River, but you can decide which one to take, either the “Family Route” of about 5 km lasting about 2 hours or the “Challenge Route” of 6 km also lasting about 2 hours.

Things to do in Israel

For more information visit Israel Official Tourism Website

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