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Tel Aviv Shopping
An Experience by Itself

Tel Aviv Shopping like in any great city of the world is an experience by itself. The city that in only 100 years became one of the “world cities” has much to offer when it comes to shopping around. We know from our ladies point of view, no vacation is complete without some shopping.

So, Tel Aviv is the place to be when it comes to good shopping for all budgets, you will find the most elegant malls with store brands like any other mall in America or Europe or you may go as low in prices like the stores around the New Central Bus Station.   

Let’s divide our shopping experience into three different ones: Street Shopping, Markets and Mall Shopping.

Every Tuesdays and Fridays Najalat Binyamin is a must for everyone

Every Tuesdays and Fridays Nahalat Binyamin is a must for everyone

Street Shopping in Tel Aviv

Nahalat Binyamin

Another one that starts at the corner of Allenby and King George is the Pedestrian Mall Nahalat Binyamin. During the week is a busy street with all kind of shops mainly selling fabrics from all over the world. But on Tuesdays and Fridays it the center of the pedestrian mall becomes an exhibition of artisans showing mainly inexpensive to medium priced jewelry and small pieces of art. This one is also a must visit place.

Shenkin Street has become a very Bohemian area with lots of shops and cafes. The stores found here are unique. King George Street crosses Allenby at it’s also very busy with local shops.

Tel Aviv Shopping

Tel Aviv Shopping

Allenby Street the eternal shopping street of Tel Aviv

Allenby Street the eternal shopping street of Tel Aviv

Allenby Street

As I remember Tel Aviv in 1959, Allenby Street has been bustling with business of all kinds and it is still today. If you are looking for shops of all kinds, Allenby is your first choice. It is famous for lower and competitive prices. Ant the most important is that here you’ll find furniture stores, clothing stores, bakeries or book stores and multiple kiosks where to buy a newspaper of a freshly squeezed orange and carrot juice. Allenby starts near the Central Bus Station and goes all the way to meet the shore of the Mediterranean, where the famous “Tayelet” of beach promenade is located.

Tel Aviv Shopping

Kikar Hamedian is the area of high end boutiques and shops

Kikar Hamedian is the area of high end boutiques and shops

Kikar Hamedina

Meaning “The State’s Square” is located on the crossing of Jabotinsky and Weizmann Streets you will see a huge square. For some unknown reason the square itself is empty but around it on this round street you’ll find Israel’s most exquisite boutiques and stores of major European Israeli and American designers.

Dizengoff Street

On another part of town is also an important shopping street. Here you’ll find jewelry stores and many designers’ stores, besides many outdoor cafes, bookstores and kiosks. One of my little pleasures is seating in one of the outdoor cafes with a good book in hand while seeping my Café Hafuch or my original Café con Leche.


Jaffa Flea Market

Poor quality bric-a-brac lies alongside vintage treasures and antique furniture in Jaffa’s flea market. Of all the places to work your haggling skills, this is it. Even just wandering among the clothes stalls, traipsing around secondhand stores or grabbing some authentic street food is enough to make for a blissful day.


Shuk Hatzafon

Following the trend of high end large marketplaces, Shuk Tzafon is 1600 square meters packed with amazing food and uniquely cute shops. From Juisso–a cold-pressed fresh juice shop, to Pronto Kiosko–an affordable and authentic pizza joint, there is bound to be a tasty treat for every taste bud. 



Fabulously renovated, the Hatachana Compound was originally built in the 1890s as Tel Aviv and Jaffa’s central train station. Now a beach side shopping mall, the Hatachana Compound is a great place to wander and enjoy the many unique shops and restaurants that occupy the architecturally beautiful buildings.


Shuk Hacarmel

Carmel Market at the corner of Allenby and King George, starts the Shuk Hacarmel, a market mostly for fruits and vegetables beside very cheap merchandise sold in kiosks. A visit to Shuk Hacarmel is a must.

Specializing in fresh produce and clothes, Carmel Market is Tel Aviv’s largest and busiest market. With dozens of stalls selling fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables and the likes.

Sarona Tel Aviv

Sarona Compound, a 140-year-old former Templar colony, is the first culinary center of its kind in Israel. An 8,700-square-meter market houses dozens of specialty food shops from all around the world. Inside the market, you’ll find everything imaginable from Dutch cheese to waffle towers and even Asian buns. 

Indoor Port Market

Like San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza and Barcelona’s Boqueria, Israel’s latest market is an indoor offering of the freshest ingredients peppered with live demonstration cooking stations and upscale, fresh food eateries. Be sure to indulge in the handmade pasta bar.

Azrieli Shopping Mall the best of the best in Tel Aviv

Azrieli Shopping Mall the best of the best in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Shopping Malls

Azrieli Mall

Rising almost 60 floors up. One is round the second square and the third triangular. Occupying the first three floors of the buildings is a modern shopping mall compared to the best of the best of the world.

Here you may find H&M from Sweden, the Gap stores from America or Zara stores from Spain, beside the large Israeli chains like Castro, Fox, Renuar and many others. Recently they opened a Forever 21 Store that has been such a success that police was called to control the mob. It has many cafeterias and they are always full. Israeli people are not heavy drinkers but when it comes to eating and drinking coffee we are number one.

Azrieli Shopping Mall is our favorite by far. If you haven’t been to Israel lately you’ll be amazed by the three towers housing offices and this marvelous shopping mall.

Once there do not miss the Observatory on the 58th floor for a guided visual tour of Tel Aviv 360 degrees around.

Tel Aviv Shopping

Dizengoff Center Mall

This was the first mall of Tel Aviv, built on four to five floors on both sides of Dizengoff Street. A visit to this mall is enough to find everything you look for. Here you have the anchor store of Hamashbir, and it is packed with music stores, book stores and clothes, computes and many more. It has a large selection of eateries on all floors.

Ramat Aviv Mall

Located in the prestigious neighborhood of Ramat Aviv on the north of the city is an upscale mall with many designers’ stores and exquisite boutiques. It is a very elegant atmosphere. They just opened the first store in Israel of American Eagel Outfitters.

For more information visit the Offical Website of Israel Tourism

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