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Tel Aviv Museums
All over the White City

 Tel Aviv Museums abound in the “White City”. If you are a museum fan you will have to spend a few days visiting all of them in the “City that Never Sleeps”. There all kind of them, like history museums, art museums, poetry and war museums and much more.

  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art

This is Israel’s largest museum, emphasizing Jewish and European Art from the 16th to the 19th Centuries. It includes art by Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, and Picasso.

It is located at 27 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard.


  • Diaspora Museum

Called in Hebrew Beit Hatefutzot is located in Ramat Aviv, north of the city within the campus of the University of Tel Aviv. This must visit museum tells the story of the Jewish People since the expulsion from the Land of Israel 2,500 years ago. The story is told by themes rather than by time on subjects as family, faith, community and culture. 03-646-2020

  • Eretz Israel Museum

Located on 2 Haim Levanon Street in Ramat Aviv it is a huge campus housing exhibits of ancient tools, ceramics, coins, glass and more in the field of archaeology like Judaica, ethnography. In the center of the museum there is an ancient Tel (mound) where excavations have continued for many years now. 03-641-5244

Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum 

  • Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum

It is located in Ramat Gan within the Diamond Exchange, the tallest building in Israel and neighboring countries. It was built for the 23rd World Diamond Congress in 1986. It features permanent exhibits portraying the history of Diamonds. Guided Tours are available.

  • Hagana Museum

Located on 23 Rothschild Boulevard, this four story museum records the history of Israeli Military up to the War of Independence. The Hagana is the predecessor of the Israel Defense Forces or Tzahal, sort for Tzva Hagana LeIsrael. 03-560-8624

  • Ilana Goor Museum

The Ilana Goor Museum is located on 4 Mazal Dagim Street in Old Jaffa. The building dates to 1740 and features the original arches and stoneworks. It exhibits works by the artist besides her personal collection. It is recommended to call before going. 03-683-7676

  • Ben Gurion House

Located on 17 Ben Gurion Boulevard this two story home has been left intact as when the leader and his beloved wife Paula lived. Ben Gurion left the house and contents to the State of Israel, including a library of about 20,000 books. Admission is free and you may watch a 20 minute film. 03-522-4925.

  • Beit Bialik

Located on 22 Bialik Street, the House of the Hebrew poet Chaim Nachman Bialik remains as it was when he lived there and died in 1934. The museum features his 94 books and translations into 28 languages. 03-525-4530

  • Beit Rubin

It is located on 14 Bialik Street. The Israeli painter Reuven Rubin donated his former home to the city of Tel Aviv and it is now a museum with 45 of Rubin’s’ paintings. It is a permanent exhibit and paintings by other Israeli artists are added temporarily. There is an art library upstairs.


Tel Aviv Museums

  • Independence Hall

Of the Tel Aviv Attractions this one is a must. It is the former resident of Tel Aviv’s first mayor Meir Dizengoff. This is the place where the original Declaration of Independence was read and Medinat Israel (The State of Israel) was born May 14, 1948. The Hall of Declaration remains intact as of that glorious day. Admission is free and you may hear an actual recording of the voice of Ben Gurion reading the declaration. 03-517-3942

  • Shalom Aleichem House

This modern building is located at 4 Berkowitz Street and hosts the works of world renowned Yidish author Shalom Aleichem. Among his work is the famous “Tevie der Milchiker” that was brought to the theater and the cinema as “Fiddler on the Roof”. The exhibit includes unpublished works, correspondence, photographs, first editions, documents, and personal artifacts. Admission is free. 03-695-6513


Shalom Aleichem House
Etzel Museum tells us many stories of the Birth of the country

Etzel Museum tells us many stories of the Birth of the country

  • Etzel House

The story of the takeover of Yafo by Etzel is told in the Etzel museum, a dark glass impressive structure off the beach in the border of Tel Aviv-Yaffo.

  • Jabotinsky Museum

This museum located on 38 King George features a three dimentional, audio-visual called “Zeev Jabotinsky – Historical Life Span” emphasizing his activities on behalf of Zionism. 03-528-5587

  • Museum of Antiquities

Also known as the Jaffa Museum, five halls contain displays of objects excavated from 30 different sites within the city between the fifth millennium B.C. and the Arab period, including the Neolithic period and the Byzantine era. It is located in Yafo on 10 Mifratz Shlomo Street. 03-682-5375

Now let us start visiting Tel Aviv Museums and enjoy our visit.


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