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Best Shwarma in Israel
Found All Over

To find the Best Shwarma in Israel, you don’t have to travel far. It has become so popular in the last few decades that today you’ll find great Shawarma all over the country.

But, I must confess that I am biased when it comes to my favorite Israeli food. I think the best one is in Gedera in Central Israel and it is called Barake. I enjoy inviting my grandchildren and meet in Barake for lunch.


Shawarma Barake in Gedera is simply the BEST

Shawarma Barake in Gedera is simply the BEST

Shawarma Barake

It is located on road 40 in the center of the town Gedera, going from Rehovot to the south, like Ashkelon or Beer Sheva.

There is ample parking, but you have to be patient because sometime the lines are as long as the restaurant.

The end result is a fresh lunch or dinner served on pita, laffa or baguette at reasonable prices

Best Shwarma in Israel


Located on Shlomo Hamelech Street, Tel Aviv, they started as a humble falafel stand, but now their specialty is their Shawarma served on home mad pitas with fresh hummus, green salads, spicy onions, cucumbers, garlic and to top it off, they add their famous falafel balls on top of this tasty delight in a pita.

Halo Teiman

Located on Weizmann Blvd 7, Jerusalem, they have some of the best Shawarma in town.

Choose from one of these four types of Shawarma: lamb, beef, chicken or turkey or mix them all together. Add some juicy salads to the fresh pita, and you will have a delicious fast food.

Shawarma Bino

Located at 26 David raziel Street, Tel Aviv, it is owned by the founders of Dr Shakshuka, that decided to venture into the ever growing Shwarma business.

It is probably the best veal Shwarma in Yafo served with some veal fat to make it more delicious. It is served on fresh pita and lots of vegetables.


Now with a new location next to Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv, the waiting in line is more reasonable, and it is worth the wait.

They offer three giant skewers of lamb, turkey and chicken. You may eat any of them or ask for a combination of all served on fresh pita, thina and plenty of salads.

They have two locations: Nahalat Binyamin St 77 and King George 51, Tel Aviv.

Best Shawarma in Israel found all over the country

Best Shawarma in Israel found all over the country

Emil’s Shawarma

Schwarma shops dot almost every street corner in Haifa, but Emil’s, a veteran Haifa business, is a Schwarma specialist. It is located on 33 Allenby Road, Haifa.

Keter Mizrach

Established in 1952, it is one of the oldest restaurants of this type in Tel Aviv.

Located on Ibn Gvirol 115 in Tel Aviv, don’t miss the turkey Shwarma with special ingredients brought by the family from Syria.


Arkadesh is a gourmet Schwarma restaurant located on Shamai Street in the center of Jerusalem.


Located in the heart of the city center on Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem, this is a very small stand featuring one of the best Schwarma in town served with French fries.

Mifgash Ha’esh

Located on Yirmiyahu Street 23 in Jerusalem it is a popular eatery, Mifgash Ha’esh is often frequented by politicians and ministers of the Israeli government. It is made with Pargit, a 100% spring chicken meat.

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