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Sea of Galilee
One of the Most Beautiful Places in Israel

The Sea of Galilee is known by many names. In Hebrew is called Lake Kineret due to its form as a harp. It is also called Lake of Gennesaret and Sea of Tiberias.

It is located in northern Israel in the area called Galil or the Galilee in English. It is near the Golan Heights and the Hula Valley. It is approximately 22 Km or 14 miles long by 14 Km of 8 miles wide.

The total area of the lake is 166 km². It is 212 meters below sea level and considered to be the lowest fresh water lake on Earth. The Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world but it is a salt water lake,

The Kineret is located on the Syria African rift, a valley caused by the separation of the Arabian and African plates. The area has experienced volcanic activities and earthquakes during centuries.

View of the Sea of Galilee from the fields surrounding it

View of the Sea of Galilee from the fields surrounding it

Beaches around the Lake

The beaches that surround the lake in its whole circumference are varied in their style. Some have white sand and some rocks; some are wide and some are narrow.

But no matter which one of them, they attract tourists and locals alike year round. You should see the Kinereth on a holiday like Passover. If you drop a pin it will fall on somebody’s head.

Church on top of Mount of Beatitudes

Church on top of Mount of Beatitudes

The Cradle of Christianity

The Sea of Galilee has been in the center of Christianity for two thousand years. Many important sites to Judaism and Christianity surround the lake:

  • The Mount of Beatitudes
    Looking down to the lake from where Jesus preached the Sermon of the Mount. You may imagine the disciples seated on the slopes of the mount while they hear the Teacher speak. 

  • Capernaum
    It is called Kfar Nahum in Hebrew is known as the home of some of Jesus’ disciples and the ruins of an ancient Synagogue. 

  • Tabgha
    It is believed to be the site where Jesus fed 5,000 followers from five loaves of bread and two fishes. It is called now the Church of Multiplication.

Sea of Galilee

Banias springs the birth place of the Jordan River

Banias springs the birth place of the Jordan River

From these shores one can take many nature excursions bordering the lake and climbing to the Golan Heights or following the Jordan River upstream all the way to:

  • Banias
    Magnificent fresh water spring where the Jordan River is born,
  • Bethsaida nature reserve
    Located northeast of the Sea of Galilee, it features natural streams and pools flooded by the waters of the Jordan River.

The Kineret is a favorite spot for Israeli Vacationers

The Kineret is a favorite spot for Israeli Vacationers

  • Hamat Gader
    It lies on the Eastern shore near Syria and Jordan and it is part of the Roman ruins of one of the ten Decapolis. The main ruins are in Jordan of today in the area of Jerash.

    The springs of Khamat Gader are the hottest in the area. The waters are so hot, around 51°C, the in Hebrew it was called Maayan Hagehenom (Hell’s spring) and in Arab Ayin Magla (Frying Spring)
  • Mount Arbel National Park
    It is located on the northwest of the lake and features good hiking and climbing 

  • Nakhal Amud
    This is a stream that flows from Mount Meron directly into the lake. The whole trail of the stream is a nature reserve with beautiful flowers in the spring months. Ideal for hiking. 

  • Kibbutz Degania
    The first Kibbutz founded in 1910 was Degania Aleph is located on the south of the lake there the Jordan River continues its course going south towards the desert and finally the Dead Sea.

For more information go to Israel Tourism Website

Hamat Gader is a famous Spa in the area

Hamat Gader is a famous Spa in the area

The Sea of Galilee is the main provider of fresh water to the whole country, therefore during winter everybody in the country prays for rains and the counting of millimeters of rain on a daily basis is common practice. The Kineret is a national symbol.

Image Credits:
kineret from tiberias by jfreeman
beatitudes church by jawcey
tomb of rabbi meir by tiberias municipality
view from beatitudes by guggamij
hamat gader n/a

All courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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