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Sarona Tel Aviv
Hottest Place in the City

Sarona Tel Aviv is the hottest place to visit in this “City that Never Stops”. This new “in” place is right in the heart of Tel Aviv, next to important streets and the Ayalon highway. It is a couple of streets away from Azrieli Towers hosting the Azrieli Shopping Mall.

Aerial view of the Sarona complex in Tel Aviv

Aerial view of the Sarona complex in Tel Aviv

Brief History

Until a short time ago these were about 37 Templar buildings, part of a Templar settlement. In 1871 the Templars purchased the land of a Greek Monastery north of Jaffa in what was open space, remember that Tel Aviv was founded in 1909.

In 1889, 269 people lived in this agricultural settlement. They brought the first real advance in agriculture in the Land of Israel.

Former Templar Houses are now par of Sarona Tel Aviv

Former Templar Houses are now part of Sarona Tel Aviv

Templar Houses

Now the houses have been moved farther from the road and totally refurbished and now it is a unique urban experience combining entertainment, leisure and culture in one large complex.

The amazingly restored buildings now house cute cafes, restaurants and art galleries, as well as a number of boutique clothing stores, you can also take the kids for some recreational fun with one of the best green areas in Tel Aviv.

Paths are tree-lined, ponds are full of lilies, and the contrast with the nearby skyscrapers is mind baffling.

The parks here are some of the best in Israel, complete with hi-tech climbing frames and plays that will make you want to climb with the kids.

Sarona Tel Aviv

Sarona Market for Tourists and locals alike

Sarona Market for Tourists and locals alike

Sarona Market

The Sarona Market complex was established to be the center of Israeli culinary art. On an area of 8,700 square meters and with about 90 shops of all categories, stalls and restaurants, it is Israel's largest indoor culinary market

A gourmet and consumer product market, opening seven days a week, featuring imported cheeses from across the globe, premium balsamic vinegar from Italy, fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean, French champagne and spices from the Far East along with the best local produce - fruit and vegetables from Emek Hefer and the Arava, lamb and veal from the Golan Heights, fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea, local wines, boutique beer, chocolates and handmade pastries. A central place where you can experience the full intensity of all the flavors of contemporary Israeli culinary art under one roof.

Sarona has an area for passive recreation

Sarona has an area for passive recreation

More to come in Sarona Tel Aviv

It is still not completed and we have to keep an eye for what is coming. There are plans for festivals, artistic installations, open air screening and street theater; here we’ll see art fairs, a music garden that will host classical music concerts, jazz festivals and other shops and cafes that will join the complex over the coming months.

Visiting with family

You might want to check out the Visitor Center that provides exhibitions that reveal the stories behind Sarona, before moving on to the climbing frames and green areas where you can freely let the kids run wild. Once you’ve worn them out, you could head to somewhere like Picnic, where you can order a pizza and beer, and they’ll even supply you with a picnic basket and blanket, which you can put to good use in the adjoining grassy areas.

Sarona Restaurants

  • Captain Curry by Roshfeld
  • Arais
  • Bayern Market
  • Benedict
  • Fauchon Paris
  • Fiori Pasta
  • Fishbar
  • Free Style Ramen by Aharoni
  • Hot Top
  • Max Brenner
  • Meatbar Burger
  • Segev Concept
  • Tiger Lilly
  • Triger and Bar
  • Via Rustico by Alice
  • Yildiz Turkish Stand
  • Ze Sushi
  • Birat hashuk
  • Mexicana
  • Marinada Basar MehaGolan
  • Cucuricu

Bars at Sarona

  • Molly Bloom's Sarona
  • Beer Garden
  • Tasting Room
  • Walter Bar by The Glenlivet

Kosher at Sarona Tel Aviv

  • inShare
  • Biga sarona
  • Lechamim Sarona
  • Carmelis Bagels
  • Paradiso Sarona
  • Deli Fleishman
  • Netachim Sarona
  • Whiskey Bar and Museum
  • Eco Lima

Bakeries in Sarona 

  • Lehamim Bakery
  • La Farina
  • Arcaffé
  • Guli’s Desserts


Sarona was planned to be a new central business district for the city of Tel Aviv, and the Center of Israel, sitting close to the main north to south road and rail arteries, easily accessible from all directions. The newly renovated complex opened in early 2014, with further stages opening over the coming years.

For more information visit Israel Official Tourism Website

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aerial by sergio don
sarona by hani bond
templar by hoshivilim
sarona by ted eytan
restaurants and bars courtesy of the establishments

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