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Onward Israel

Onward Israel is a program attracting young adults offering internships, academic studies, resume building and fellowships, that provide a special experience by uniting the visitors with Israeli peers.

It offers these opportunities at affordable prices and for time periods ranging from six to ten weeks. Onward speaks directly to the individual needs of the participants and allows them to advance their resumes, so they can enter the labor force in a globalized world. Our programs maximize opportunities for cross-cultural immersion, a feature that is highly prized by employers and academic institutions.

Onward participants from Boston in Haifa Israel

Onward participants from Boston in Haifa Israel

Purpose of the program

The ultimate purpose of this initiative is to increase exponentially the number of Birthright Israel and teen program alumni who return to Israel for an identity building second visit, eventually reaching a stage where half of all first time visitors partake in a longer more immersive second experience.

The whole idea is creating a long lasting connection with the country and a strong commitment to Jewish life and community at the heart of the next generations.

We believe that this initiative has the potential to significantly increase the percentage of previous Israel travel programs returning to Israel for an impactful and transformative experience to develop them individually and professionally and increase their involvement in Jewish life after their return home.

The group with the presence of former President Shimon Peres Z

The group with the presence of former President Shimon Peres Z"L

Who is this program for?

Onward was designed as a continuation of peer experience and a follow up to Birthright israel participants. It is intended for Jewish undergraduates and young professionals between the ages of 19-27, who have previously participated in a peer program in Israel.

Ideal participants are:

  • Birthright Israel alumni who have not yet returned to Israel on a peer program
  • Teen travel programs alumni, who are ineligible for Birthright because of their teen travel participation, unless they have:
  • Returned to Israel on a MASA program
  • Spent more than three months total in Israel after their teen program

Onward Israel

Here you'll make friends for the rest of your lives

Here you'll make friends for the rest of your lives

Educational Information for Participants

Onward Israel sees everything about your stay in Israel as an educational experience. Wherever you go and with whoever you are interacting, there are endless opportunities for learning and growing, about yourself, your future profession and about the diversity and complexity of Israel and its society.

The program is built in such a way as to afford you with plenty of independence through your own work placement, access to enrichment activities and of course, lots of free time to explore Israel on your own terms.

Together with your group you will explore Israel in greater depth, variety and meaning. Each organizer will plan and deliver a full educational program, complete with trips, tours, speakers and hikes, covering the spectrum of opportunity and experience that Israel has to offer, as both a laboratory of your own growth and in learning more about the region’s unique and compelling position.

In order to do this, most programs run a ‘group day’ once a week, along with evening gatherings and optional activities.

Over the last few years we have been developing materials and tools for our organizers which champion an honest, meaningful discourse with Israel and which enable you to experience it on your own terms. And in the same manner, we encourage all our participants to capitalize on this unique, independent opportunity


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