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Old Testament Timeline

 The Old Testament Timeline is an easy way to see the History of Eretz Israel or the Land of Israel in one shot. This is by no means a lesson in Israel history. It is just a dateline list of the major events that wrote the history of this Land sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims.


Family Tree of the Patriarchs

Family Tree of the Patriarchs

Old Testament Period

  • 2000 B.C. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the first Jews

  • 1650 B.C. Israel in Egypt – The Jews are slaves of the Pharaoes

  • 1280 B.C. Exodus from Egypt, Israel enters Promised Land.

  • 1200 B.C. Period of the Judges

  • 1020 B.C. Saul, David, Solomon the Kings of Israel

  • 950 B.C. Divided Monarchy

  • 721 B.C. Exile of the Northern Kingdom

  • 586 B.C. Exile of the Southern Kingdom
  • 539 B.C. Return of the Jews


Map of Alexander the Great's Empire

Map of Alexander the Great's Empire

Interim Period 

  • 330 B.C. Alexander the Great

  • 301-200 B.C. Ptolemais Era

  • 200-135 B.C. Seleucid Era

  • 164 B.C. Hasmonean Revolt

  • 135-63 B.C. Jewish Independence

  • 63 B.C. Romans conquer the Land


Old Testament Timeline

King Herod

King Herod

From King Herod and Jesus to the Modern Times

  • 37-6 B.C. Herod the Great

  • 4 B.C. Birth of Jesus Christ in Nazareth

  •  4 B.C. to 6 A.D. Archelaus

  •  4 B.C. to 34 A.D. Herod Philip

  •  4 B.C. to 37 A.D. Herod Antipas

  •  6-41 A.D. Roman governors

  •  26-36 A.D. Pontius Pilate

  •  41-44 A.D. King Agrippa

  •  44-66 A.D. Roman procurators

First Jewish Revolt of Bar Kochva

First Jewish Revolt of Bar Kochva

First Jewish Revolt

  •  66-74 A.D. First Jewish Revolt

  •  70 A.D. Jerusalem Falls to Romans

  •  325 A.D. Christianity proclaimed the Religion of the Roman Empire

  •  325-638 A.D. Byzantine Period

  •  638-1099 A.D. Muslim Period

  •  1099-1250 A.D. Crusader Period

  •  1250-1517 A.D. Mamluks Period

  •  1517-1917 A.D. Ottoman Turkish Empire

  •  1917-1947 A.D. British Mandate

  •  1948 A.D. Israel Independence

 The State of Israel is born

 From this Old Testament Timeline, we may continue learning about the interesting History of the Jews and the History of Israel.

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