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Mount Herzl

Mount Herzl, named after the State Visionary, is the State of Israel’s National Cemetery. His remains were moved to there in 1949 and thereafter many of Israel’s leaders were buried there too.

It is found in the west side of Jerusalem besides the Jerusalem Forest, and near Yad Vashem, Memorial to the Holocaust. Most state memorial ceremonies are conducted here.

Mount Herzl Military Cemetery

Mount Herzl Military Cemetery

Military Cemetery

Also called Har Hazikaron it also contains in a separate part a Military Cemetery were fallen soldiers are placed to rest in peaceful dignify environment. Mt Herzl is the burial resting place of great leaders such as Golda Meir, Levi Eshkol, Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin and his wife Leah.

Tomb of Herzl in Mount Herzl

Tomb of Herzl at Mt Herzl

The Tomb of Theodore Herzl

The Visionary of the State in Hebrew “Hoze Hamedina” wrote in his will in 1903:

“I wish to be buried in a metal coffin next to my father, and to remain there until the Jewish people will transfer my remains to Eretz Israel. The coffins of my father, my sister Pauline, and of my close relatives who will have died until then will also be transferred there”

A year later he died and was buried in Vienna. Forty-five years later in 1949 his remains and those of his relatives were brought to Jerusalem and reinterred in what is today Mount Herzl.

Sixty-three suggestions were submitted for the design of his new Tombstone and the winner was Joseph Klarwein with a black granite stone inscribed with the name Herzl. The surrounding of the tomb is an open plaza where many ceremonies are held constantly.

Herzl's tomb lies on the crest of the mountain range overlooking the Judean Hills on the side, and both old and New Jerusalem on the other.

Independence Day Ceremonies at Mt Herzl

Independence Day Ceremonies at Mt Herzl

Yom Haatzmaut Ceremonies

It is the official site of the yearly ceremonies for the end of The Day of Remembrance and the commencement of the festivities for the Day of Independence. Twelve torches are lit in honor of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the most important people of the community are chosen for that task.

Mount Herzl

Herzl Center at the entrance of Mount Herzl

Herzl Center at the entrance of Mt Herzl

The Herzl Center

Located at the entrance to the site is Herzl Center a state of the art multimedia presentation that engages the visitor in the vision of the Jewish State.

My artifacts are displayed here as the reconstructed study of Herzl in Vienna with authentic furniture.

The new Herzl Museum includes a spectacular audiovisual meeting with Theodore Herzl. The presentation provides a 60-minute look into the Jewish world according to his insights. You are allowed to be an active participant in understanding Herzl's aspirations and disappointments during his stormy personal journey. Through the encounter with Herzl's great achievements, the visitor senses himself a part of Herzl's enduring heritage.

Tomb of Leah and Itzhak Rabin

Tomb of Leah and Itzhak Rabin

The World Zionist Organization is the authority vested with the official responsibility for developing and maintaining this site.

Opening Hours

  • Summer - June 1st – August 31st 08:00 – 18:45
  • Winter - September 1st – May 31st 08:00-16:45
  • Fridays and Eve of the Holiday 08:00-13:00

The Mt. Herzl site will be closed to visitors on Yom Kippur and Israel Independence Day.

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