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In the Galilee

The city of Karmiel, also spelled Carmiel, is located in the Galilee, on the east to west road that goes from Akko to Safed. The name literally means “The Vineyards of God”. It is also a “doll” among Israeli cities.

The city was founded in 1964 and today it is the commercial, educational, cultural and industrial center of the area. Its location in Beit Hakerem Valley, which divides Upper and Lower Galilee, is ideal as a hub city for the rest of Northern Israel.

Karmiel in the center of the Galilee

Karmiel in the center of the Galilee

A Well Planned City

The town’s population is around 50,000 and is a self contained city with very well planned neighborhoods, schools, industry. Education and art are very important for this city which is home to ORT Braude College and the Carmiel Performing Arts Cultural Center.

It all began as part of the Central Galilee Development Project. Work began in 1963 and it was inaugurated in 1964 when the first 16 families moved in at that time. Since then it has absorbed thousands of new immigrants from 75 countries mainly from the countries of the former Soviet Union. At this pace it is expected to reach 120,000 inhabitants by 2020.


Ort Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel

Ort Braude College of Engineering in Carmiel

Education in Carmiel

The city dedicates a lot of effort to the best education. Starting with pre-school education, many nurseries and Kindergartens are open for a full day to help the working mothers. The schools are equipped with the latest educational tools. The Municipality works continuously to improve the standard of instruction and education.

The city features four high schools, four junior high schools, a vocational training center, nine state run elementary schools, one state run religious school including high school, an independent education elementary school, a school for gifted children and an educational farm, many kindergartens, nursery school and day care centers as well as a network of community youth and sports centers and the international ORT Braude College of Engineering with a student body of 3,500 studying computers, electronics, industrial administration, biotechnology and other subjects. A biotechnology research and development center is also open at the college.

The Annual Karmiel Dance Festival

The Annual Karmiel Dance Festival

Culture in Carmiel

The network of community centers covers much of the cultural and sports activities in the city.  In addition, the local Country Club, the Top Club, has a heated swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi and other high quality equipment.

Karmiel is the cultural center not only for its residents, but also for the residents of the region.  The Cultural Center has a seating capacity of 800.   It presents the best theatrical productions of the country as well as concerts, dances, children’s theater, shows and films.  Residents have the option of buying a seasonal subscription to the Cultural Center’s performances.

During the spring and summer months many events are held in the new and spacious amphitheater, which holds 25,000 spectators. Since 1988 a yearly event takes place in Carmiel. The Karmiel Dance Festival is held here for 3 days and nights in the month of July. It includes dance performances, workshops, and open dance sessions.  Approximately 200,000 people from Israel and abroad take part in this exciting event.

The festival began as a celebration of Israeli folk dance, but today it features many different dance forms from all around the globe, and attracts thousands of dancers and hundreds of thousands of spectators from many countries.

The Public Library houses over 80,000 books for children and adults. In addition, it has an excellent reference library.


Busy shopping center like this one in the city of Karmiel

Busy shopping centers like this one in the city of Carmiel

Carmiel Weather

The city is located 250 meters above sea level and the landscape couldn’t be greater. The mountain climate is dry and comfortable with 55% humidity from April to October and 65-70% humidity from November to March.


The population is very young with an average age of 39. As mentioned above, Karmiel has absorbed many thousands of immigrants and also many veteran Israelis have moved to the city looking for a better quality of life. Some of the founders still live here and that proves the deeply rooted love for their city.

About 60% of the population is made of native Israelis of veterans and 40% are immigrants from many countries.

Medical Services

They are provided by the main Health Clinics; Clalit, Macabi, Leumi and Meuhedet. The Medi Car clinic operates 24 hours a day and there is an emergy care ambulance on call. There is a professional clinic with X-rays, ambulatory services, specialized doctors and more. There are dental clinics and private doctors.

Map of the Galilee showing the location of Karmiel

Map of the Galilee showing the location of Karmiel


Carmiel was selected to be the center for the Hi-Tech industry.  Represented are wide, varied fields of industries including electronic, aeronautic, metal, textile, plastic, building, lumber, carpentry, food, tooling and others.

Carmiel’s standing in the field of industry enables entrepreneurs to receive various investment benefits.  There are various grant tracks which the investor can choose: 24% participation in establishing and equipping factories which have the proper authorization from the National Investment Center, or a 100% exemption from income tax payment for 10 years.

The city was designed with a complete separation between the living neighborhoods and the industrial area. Each neighborhood is self sufficient with shopping centers, schools and synagogues. There are many sections of parks, gardens and tree lined avenues. The streets are wide and enough parking spaces have been allotted.

Karmiel has been awarded many prizes over the years. It has received prizes for quality of living, for beauty. In 2001 it received a prize from the Ministry of Interior for fiscal management after 37 years of keeping a balanced budget.  It has been designated a Beautiful City in a Beautiful Israel.

On your next trip to Israel do not miss a visit to the beautiful city of Karmiel.

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