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Jesus Boat
Found on the Sea of Galilee

Jesus boat was found in 1986. Due to an immense drought during which the waters of the Kineret receded to dangerous levels, a boat was discovered on the muddy waters. The location is near Kibbutz Ginosar on the northwestern corner of the Sea of Galilee.

I was found by two brothers Moshe and Yuval Lufan, members of the Kibbutz and second generation fishermen on the Kineret. They reported that the day the boat was discovered a big rainbow adorned the sky over the lake.

Jesus Boat as recovered from the Bottom of Sea of Galilee

The Boat as recovered from the Bottom of Sea of Galilee

Boat dated to the First Century AD

The recovery and actual archaeological digging was done by the Ministry of Antiquities, members of Kibbutz Ginosar and many volunteers from the area. It was a delicate process in order not to harm the boat while taking it out of the waters. After twelve days and nights of hard work it was finally extracted from the muddy waters and it was immediately submerged in a chemical bath for seven years

Experts dated the boat to the First Century AD based on radiocarbon dating, constructions techniques and pottery and nails found on the area. It showed that the boat was used for several decades before they sunk it as useless.

The Galilee Boat is apparently the type of boat that was used on the Sea of Galilee for both fishing and transportation across the lake. It is likely that this sort of boat was used by Jesus and his disciples, many of whom were fishermen. Boats played a large role in Jesus life and ministry; they are mentioned fifty times in the Gospels.

There is no evidence connecting the boat to Jesus or his disciples, but it is certainly a possibility that Jesus may have seen the boat or even used it himself.

Jesus Boat

Jesus Boat displayed at the Museum

The Boat displayed at the Museum

Displayed in the Yigal Allon Museum

The boat is tastefully displayed in the Yigal Allon Museum on the grounds of Kibbutz Ginosar. Jesus Boat is displayed with signs in English for the benefit of the visitors. It is made of twelve different kinds of wood and measures 25.5 ft or 8.2 m long, 7.5 ft or 2.3 m wide, and 4.1 ft or 1.25 m high.

Tradition teaches us that most of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen in the area of Ginosar near Capernaum and the Mount of Beatitudes. So this boat is probably owned by one of them and probably Jesus himself crossed the lake with this same vessel.

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