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Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
A Treat for the Whole Family

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is the known name for the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens. It is one of Israel’s main Tourist Attractions. As a matter of fact, during the year 2005 to 2009 it was Israel’s “main” tourist attraction with a record 738,000 visitors during 2009.

Replica of Noah's Arc for the enjoyment of the whole family

Replica of Noah's Arc for the enjoyment of the whole family

Mission of the park

The original mission when built was to exhibit as many species of animals featured in the Bible, according to how many are still alive. So, many Bible species are presented and many more that are not shown on the Bible. It’s a zoo in all its glory, like any other zoo in the world.

His Majesty the Lion at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

His Majesty the Lion at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Great for children

It is located in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Malcha south of the city. It is built around a manmade lake featuring waterfalls, and side pools covering over 64 acres of lawns and well manicured beauty spots. The wildlife savannah provides free space for roaming to the animals.

A train serves the visitors providing transportation throughout the park with several stations along the route.

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo includes a children’s zoo and a corner for petting the animals along with playgrounds for the little ones, besides a snack bar for small recesses.

During holiday periods, when the zoo is really full of visitors you may find tours to some less fearsome animals, so the children can interact with them.

There is now, a new garden featuring the Noah’s Ark sculptures designed by artist Nikki de Saint Phalle, the one that designed the “Mifletzet” or Monster children’s slide in Kiryat Hayovel, Jerusalem, and by Architect Mario Botta designer of the Tel Aviv University’ Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Cultural Center.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The Orangutan one of the endangered species

The Orangutan one of the endangered species

Brief History

It opened in the year 1940, before the Independence of the State of Israel, by Aharon Shulov a professor of Zoology in the Hebrew University in Mount Scopus, Jerusalem. His main purpose was to create an environment for his students to gather animals, reptiles and birds mentioned in the Bible and as a research facility. His 1951 words are quoted: “To build and invisible wall between the intellectuals of Mt Scopus and the general public”.

They ran into several difficulties at the very beginning. Being the first one the complaints of the neighbors about smell and noise.

But the most important was how to bring to the reality of the 20th century the Hebrew words for animals’ line Nesher, meaning Eagle in Hebrew, but can also mean Vulture.

And the other challenge was that most of the Biblical animals are now extinct in Israel due to over hunting the destruction of natural reserves during the centuries before the regulations of the state like the State of Israel. Therefore, it was decided by the zoologists and the people in charge of the zoo to go further besides Biblical animals to any other animals to grow in the zoo.

Partial list of the animals the visitor may enjoy at the zoo:

  • Giraffe
  • White rhinoceros
  • Asian Lion
  • Syrian Brown Bear
  • Tamarin
  • Nile crocodile
  • Serval
  • Mandrill
  • Ostrich

  • Flamingo
  • Python
  • Zebra
  • Eastern Grey Kangaroo
  • Persian fallow deer
  • Lemur
  • Otter
  • Jackass penguin
  • Squirrel monkey

  • Lorikeets
  • Meerkat
  • Prairie Dog
  • Nubian ibex
  • Mallard Duck
  • Cheetah
  • South American Tapir
  • Griffon Vulture
  • Chimpanzee

Please visit the website of Israel Tourism

Or by calling the Zoo:

  • While in Israel (02) 675-0111
  • Or from abroad +972-2-6750111.

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