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Israel Nature Reserves
A way to relax and explore the country

Israel Nature Reserves abound in this long and narrow country. Due to different latitudes they vary one from another offering a fabulous way to relax and explore the country from the ecotourism point of view.

Here we are going to mention a few of the most important Hot Springs in Israel that offer a superb spa experience.

In future pages we are going to develop one by one, but in the meantime here are the most important divided by regions from north to south.

Israel has been recognized by the world as a paradise for nature lovers. The governments and residents are very aware of the conservation of what the Lord allotted us in the Holy Land.

Rosh Hanikra on the Lebanon border is a must visit

Rosh Hanikra on the Lebanon border is a must visit

Upper Galilee and Golan Heights

  • Ein Afek Nature Reserve
  • Gamla Nature Reserve
  • Hula Valley Nature Reserve
  • Kerem Ben Zimra
  • Nahal Amud
  • Nahal Ayun
  • Nahal Betzet
  • Nahal Kziv
  • Pa'ar Cave
  • Rosh HaNikra
  • Tel Anafa
  • Tel Dan Nature Reserve
  • Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

Israel Nature Reserves

Lower Galilee

  • Alonei Abba
  • Mount Arbel
  • Mount Meron
  • Mount Tabor
  • Nahal Tavor
  • Zakum (Maoz Haim)

Jezreel Valley

  • Balfouria
  • Mount Gilboa
  • Shimron

Mount Carmel

  • Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve
  • Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve
  • Sharon Plain
  • Alonei Yitzhak
  • Bitan Aharon
  • Dor and Ma'agan Michael beach 
  • Nahal Poleg
  • Nahal Taninim

Judean Mountains

  • Avshalom (Stalactites) Cave
  • Ein Prat Nature Reserve
  • Neot Kedumim

Coastal Plain

  • Ashdod Nitzanim Sand Dune 



Dead Sea

  • Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
  • Ein Tzukim Nature Reserve


  • Coral Beach Nature Reserve
  • Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve


Bird watching in the Hula valley is a wonderful experience

Bird watching in the Hula valley is a wonderful experience 

Bird Watching in Israel

Israel is well known as being one of the best sites in the world to enjoy migration. Millions of migrants from hundreds of species pass through Israel twice a year, making it one of the world's busiest and most impressive flyways.

Besides being a terrestrial bridge between the African continent and the Eurasian landmass, Israelis characterized by a wide range of habitats and as a result presents a rich biodiversity all year round.

Bird lovers visiting Israel enjoy a variety of events and activities. Scattered along the migration route are several main bird watching sites, starting with

  • Lake Hula in the Upper Galilee
  • Beit Shean Valley's Kfar Rupin
  • Jerusalem
  • Arava
  • Eilat

For more information visit Israel Tourism Office Website

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