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Israel Markets
Part of our Middle Eastern Culture

Israel markets are for everyone. If you are looking to buy fruits and vegetables, buy electronics or clothes or simply grabbing a quick bite for lunch, this is where to go, if you are a local or a tourist.

No trip to Israel is complete without visiting one “Shuk” anywhere in the country. Some are universally known such as Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem or Shuk Hacarmel in Tel Aviv. Here they are plus a few not so famous.

Shuk Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem

Shuk Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem

This shuk represents the essence of Jerusalem, its present and its future. It is so popular that people in the capital refer to it as “The Shuk”.

Over 250 vendors display their goods from baked goods, fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, nuts, spices, and wine as well as housewares, textiles, clothing and shoes. And above all this many good places to eat. It is a true Jerusalem Landmark.

Jerusalem’s Old City Souk

Jerusalem’s Old City Souk

Located in Old Jerusalem sprawling through the Christian and Muslim quarters, is this old market dating to the Ottoman era. Today it is a typical Middle Eastern Souk selling an array of items and many souvenirs.

For tourists it’s the cheapest venue to buy a gift to take back home. Haggling is expected here, so this is a chance to practice your negotiating skills.


Israel Markets

Shuk Hacarmel in Tel Aviv

Shuk Hacarmel in Tel Aviv

Carmel Market is Tel Aviv’s most famous market running from Allenby and Nahalat Binyamin to the Carmelit bus station area.

I am never tired to come back and back again. I like to eat something in one of the stalls where the food is delicious and plentiful.

Tel Aviv Port & Jaffa Port Markets

These are the Farmers Market of both ports located a few km apart.

The produce is fresh and you’ll find here vegetables, fruit fish, cheeses, baked goods and much more.

Jaffa Flea Market

In Hebrew we call it “Shuk Hapishpishim” simply translated flea market. Come to Old Yafo ready to haggle as vendors try to sell their clothing, antique items, art and oddities.

After shopping if you develop a healthy appetite, try one of many stalls selling the best Middle Eastern food you may find.

HaTikvah Market, Tel Aviv

Located in southern Tel Aviv, the food here is a sample of Yemenite, Iraqi and other Eastern Jewish communities.

It’s a covered well-kept market also featuring fresh foods, vegetables, meat and fish and Middle Eastern bakeries.

Levinsky Market, Tel Aviv

Located in the friendly neighborhood of Florentin in southern Tel Aviv, has a great combination of exotic spices and fruits. It is the ideal spot for meeting friends through an array of culinary stalls and places where to sip Ouzo, burekas and salt fish.

Ramla Shuk

Ramla Shuk

Surrounded by Crusader churches, a fortress, beautiful mosques and an eighth century underground water reservoir that can only be charted via canoe, the mixed city of Ramla, near Ben Gurion Airport boasts one of the country’s most colorful open-air markets.

This shuk offers some of the most authentic street food in the country including an incredible assortment of spices.

Israel Markets

Wadi Nisnas Market, Haifa

Wadi Nisnas Market, Haifa

This Arab neighborhood market is located between the German colony and Haifa downtown.

Culinary treasures line the streets and alleys, places to eat zucchini and eggplants, baskets of fresh herbs from the Galilee, big pans of home-style Arab dishes, and freshly baked pita breads.

Open throughout the week, the Wadi Nisnas market is especially busy on Saturdays when many other places in the city are closed.

Netanya Market

Netanya Market

This open-air market has been recently renovated is becoming a center of cultural life in the beautiful city of Netanya. It is full with bakeries, fruit and vegetable stalls and homemade food. They also celebrate events with works of local artists and musicians.

On Fridays they have a well-known flower market for all those buying flowers for Shabbat. 

For more information visit Israel Tourism Official Website

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jaffa flea by avishai teicher
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