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Israel Entertainment
A Wide Assortment of Venues

Israel Entertainment is developing at a fast speed in the last decades. At the beginning, all there was Israeli songs and folk dances. Today Israel has become a World country when it comes to entertainment.

Local and foreign artist come on stage with a variety that could be envied by big countries in Europe and the Western Hemisphere.

Here are a few of them.

Barby Club in Southern Tel Aviv

Barby Club in Southern Tel Aviv

Located in south Tel Aviv is a favorite venue for electronica, funk, reggae and alternative bands. The vibe is always positive and occasionally you will see acting there big-names and acts.

Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club

It brings in one remote place like Mitzpe Ramon in the middle of the Negev Desert, major Israeli stars as well as local artists with concerts of jazz, blues, reggae and African or rock.

Suzanne Dellal Center in Neve Tzedek

Suzanne Dellal Center in Neve Tzedek

Located in Neve Tzedek this is a must-visit for lovers of classic dance, the leading dance school in the country is also a theater dating from 1892. It was opened in 1989 by the Dellal family of London.

Habima National Theater

Born more than 100 years ago in Moscow, Habima is the National Theater company of Israel. With weekly performances in their amazing and newly restored theater in Tel Aviv.

Akko Theater Center performance of Orfeo ed Euridice

Akko Theater Center performance of Orfeo ed Euridice

Uniting Arab and Jewish performers, the Akko Theater Center is proud of its program of innovative multidisciplinary performances for adults and children, in particular the Alternative Theater Festival.

Charles Bronfman Auditorium

This is the home of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, hosting world-class classical music performances several times a week. As well as occasional children's performances with stories.

Israel Entertainment

Liwan Culture Cafe in Nazareth

Liwan Culture Cafe in Nazareth

Founded in the Old City of Nazareth, this café hosts performances by Arab-Israeli  and has many free cultural events during the week.

Beat Club

A top performing venue with performances of Israeli and international bands. It is affiliated with the local music school and occasionally moonlights as a nightclub.


Jaffa Theater

Jaffa Theater

Founded in Old Yafo in 1998 it brings the two cultures together with Hebrew and Arabic languages plays, sometimes with English translations.

Israeli Opera

This is Tel Aviv’s major Opera House, also home to the Israel Ballet. It's located in the complex next to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Cameri Theater.

Goldstar Zappa Club

Goldstar Zappa Club

Located north of Tel Aviv, it is named after the legendary Frank Zappa. This is an intimate all-seated club where you may catch some world luminaries plus some locals.


It was formed by the far-left Hashomer Hatzair Youth Movement, it features pop and folk Israeli music, as well as Hebrew-language theater and comedy.

Me on the Mic

This is a fun Karaoke bar with small private rooms offering a full list of songs in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv

Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv

Catch a play in the Israel theater with plays in Hebrew with occasional simultaneous translations in English or English-language subtitles.

Haifa Auditorium

This is Haifa principal venue for ballet, modern dance and music, the 1100-seat Haifa Auditorium hosts performances by the Haifa Symphony Orchestra among other illustrious players.


This is a chain of Israeli cinemas attracting a cultural crowd for its screening of avant-garde, retro, foreign, classic and experimental films.

For more information visit Israel Tourism Official Website

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cameri by yair haklai

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