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Israel Diamonds
An Impressive Industry

Israel Diamonds Institute is one of the most important and largest of all diamond centers in the world. Israel is a polishing center and in addition is also an important trade center through which many rough and polished diamonds pass regularly featuring a large volume of the diamonds sold worldwide.

Being a tradition of hundreds of years it is based on strict ethical codes and amazing creativity and cutting-edge technology.

Diamond Exchange on the new skyline of Ramat Gan

Diamond Exchange on the new skyline of Ramat Gan

It has changed the skyline of Ramat Gan

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), called by Israelis “Bursa” is one of the largest and most sophisticated diamond centers in the world. Established in 1937, counts approximately 3,000 members that are engaged in export, import, manufacturing, and marketing of rough and polished diamonds.

The actual Bursa was built in the city of Ramat Gan and operates in full cooperation with the municipality and has brought many businesses to the area making it one of the most important business centers in the country. Its idea is the concept of “all under one roof”. Four high rise buildings are interconnected internally by pedestrian bridges forming an impenetrable area. Besides the operation of the IDE there are more than a thousand private offices. Each day about 15,000 people pass through this huge complex.

In these premises members and visitors may access an array of services within the complex; from essentials like copying, shipping, banks, insurance companies, customs office, post office to the simplest conveniences like restaurants, cafeterias, shops, infirmary, synagogue and many more. Hundreds of local and foreign buyers come from every corner of the world to purchase diamonds.

Israel Diamonds

Diamond cutting with Laser and new technology

Diamond cutting with Laser and new technology

Many Technological advances

It is known that all over the world, diamond deals are finished with a hand shake and the world “Mazal Ubracha” meaning in English Luck and Blessing. It is a form of doing business accepted among diamond dealers in China or New York, in Israel or India.

Israeli technological advances have brought modernity to the diamond industry with automatic polishing machines, laser for diamond cutting, all computerized to a maximum.

Israel today is a leading exporter of polished diamonds and a major center for trade. It deals with approximately one third of the world markets on a yearly basis. It contributes $800 million annually to Israel’s balance of trading. It brings food on the table to more than 20,000 families. Besides this direct contribution the Israel Diamond Industry contributes to many sectors of Israel economy on an indirect way like Israel tourism, aviation, communications and security.

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever

Part of Jewish Life

Through Jewish History, diamonds have been part of Jewish life. In many countries Jews were forbidden of holding certain professions and diamond trading was a solution to that. Also since the Jews lived all over the globe it was a natural way of linking among communities through the trade routes of diamonds.

When visiting Israel, I recommend a visit to the Israel Diamond Exchange. It is like visiting a huge department store. You’ll find here every single style of diamonds that exist. They have all sizes and forms with a quality available only in Israel. The ability of being able to supply any type of goods on a constant basis is what made Israel the right place to buy a diamond.

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