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Hadera Israel
Mediterranean Coastal Plain

Hadera Israel, also spelled Hedera, is a city located midway from Tel Aviv to Haifa, about 50 km from each. It is spread on the Mediterranean Coastal Plain, with a population reaching the 100,000, including many immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.

Hasharon Park in Hadera

Hasharon Park in Hadera

HaSharon Park

This is one of Israel National Parks, alongside Highway # 4 with the entrance through Hadera West Railway Station.

It consists of a large forest of Mount Tabor oak trees and carob, bordered by the Alexander Stream National Park. When the weather allows it, it is definitely a beautiful place to spend the day with the children who can enjoy the available pony rides.

Shvil Hatapuzim where you pick your own oranges in Hadera

Shvil Hatapuzim where you pick your own oranges in Hadera

Shvil Hatapuzim

His is a beautiful park for the whole family, with benches, a small cafeteria and lots of activities such as wall climbing, go karts, waterslides, a rain room and many more.

There is a maze with orange trees for the children to pick their own oranges and take them home for a small fee.

This place gets crowded during weekends and holidays, but you can sure find your little corner and have a picnic with your family.


Technological Education and Science Center is the most advanced school and planetarium in Hadera and the whole area.

They offer entertaining activities for the children and the whole family. The stations are manned by young people.

Beit Feinberg

This is a small museum with a great historical value. It has a small cafeteria that you’ll consider a good dining experience with a great atmosphere.

Beit Feinberg

Bitsat Zeita Reserve

This is a beautiful park in Hadera Israel mostly for bike riders. But if bike riding is not your thing, the place is great for a day of enjoying nature at its best.

Bitsat Zeita Reserve

Hadera Israel

The Eucalyptus Route in Hadera Israel

The Eucalyptus Route in Hadera

The Eucalyptus Route

If you are looking to leave the noises of the cities, this is your place. Here the quiet and the views of the Eucalyptus is relaxing.
There are ponds with ornamental fish and turtles.

If you want to get a taste of how people lived many years ago, this place has buildings of the early settlers of Hadera.

Tel Gedor Reserve

It offers sand dunes, high cliffs and above all, amazing beaches. The cliffs reach a height of 33 meters above sea level.

This is one of the most desired places to visit in Hadera and immerse yourself in nature surrounded by a rich marine life in the shoreline.

Park Hadera Lake

Located near the Hadera Power Station, this is a natural location leading to it through roads left by the British Empire.

There are big plans on the table to highly develop this are on the Mediterranean coast for the benefit of locals and tourists alike.

Park Hadera Lake
Map of Central Israel showing the location of Hadera Israel

Map of Central Israel showing the location of Hadera Israel

For more information visit the Israel Official Tourism Website

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