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Ein Hod
Artists' Village

Ein Hod Artists' Village was founded in 1953 by Marcel Janco and a group of artists. It is the only artists village in Israel and one of the few in the world.

Ein Hod is visited by locals and tourists alike

Ein Hod is visited by locals and tourists alike

Carmel coastal area

It is located in the heart of the Carmel Forest, south of the beautiful city of Haifa. It is a beautiful small village with amazing vistas and many little galleries, most of them within the homes of the artisans or their workshop.

Visiting Ein Hod, you’ll walk through picturesque streets with many galleries. What make the visit more interesting is the involvement of the artists. Where else can you visit their homes and talk with them about the piece of art that they just created?

Many of the galleries are in private homes

Many of the galleries are in private homes

Living in Ein Hod

About 150 artists and their families inhabit the village. They work and create their art in a special atmosphere, that has influenced second and third generations to become artists in their own right.

From the first day to the present there has been a large diversity of talent by members and many of the vents and celebration of holidays are taken care of by local residents.

Through the years Ein Hod has become famous for its cultural and inspiring activities and is visited by tourists and artists alike seeking to enjoy and share the muse.

There are ten winners of the prestigious Israel National Award, called “Pras Israel” in the fields of architecture, jewelry and art, living here. Some of them have won world fame in their fields. They art is displayed in museums and galleries in Israel and abroad. They participate in international art projects, publish books and are recipient of art prizes.

Ein Hod

The Janco Dada Museum

The Janco Dada Museum

It was founded in 1983 in honor of the village’s founder and displays a permanent exhibition of Janco’s work. It features a laboratory of the dada experience for young people.

“Yad Gertrude” donated to Ein Hod by dancer Gertrude Krause who was a member of the village, serves as the site of the village archives, a showcase for the members of Ein Hod who passed away, as well as a hall for chamber music concerts.

In the village central square and all around the village there are galleries, workshops and studios, art shops, cafés and restaurants opened to the public.


Important Galleries in the Village of Ein Hod

Important Galleries in the Village of Ein Hod

At the center of the village there are two important galleries. The first is the community gallery of Ein Hod, where many of the residents of the village showcase their work, either in addition to or instead of, opening their homes to the public.

If your time is limited, this is the place to get an idea of the range of styles and different art created here. The second one is the Janco Dada Museum, mentioned above.

During the summer months the village has programs of music and audible arts, including free outdoor jazz concerts throughout the year on Saturdays.

For more information visit Ein Hod Artist's Village Website

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