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City of David
Old Jerusalem

The City of David, in Hebrew “Ir David” located near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem is an archaeological site telling the story of the beginnings of Jerusalem, starting with King David and the history of the Jews during Biblical times. King Solomon, David’s son was crowned here. It dates to the era of pre-Babylonian exile.

City of David near the Jaffa Gate in Old Jerusalem

Ir David near the Jaffa Gate in Old Jerusalem

Birthplace of the City of Jerusalem

This is where the story of the people of Israel was written and the birthplace of the Eternal Capital of Israel. It is within walking distance from the Western Wall and Temple Mount. It is by far one of the most exciting tourist sites in the country.

Tourist of creeds visit the site to recreate the stories of the Bible so well known by all.

The area is not actually a museum but an open archaeological site and historical experience. It is the largest archaeological site in Jerusalem attracting about half a million visitors a year.

The tunnel mentioned above was used as defense mechanisms against invaders to the city walls

Visitors can experience both Warren's Shaft and Hezekiah's tunnel. Both tunnels are not lit, so a flashlight will be necessary. A visitor can peer down into the incredible darkness of the shaft or hike a mile in Hezekiah's tunnel where the water can reach waist-level.

City of David

Tunnel of Shiloh of the times of King Hezekiah

Tunnel of Shiloh of the times of King Hezekiah

The Tunnel of Shiloh

You will see the remains of the city including large houses and water tunnels to bring water from outside the walled city, making it underground to avoid it being contaminated by the enemies. One of the most important parts of the city is the Tunnel of Shiloh, of 333 meters in length, carved during the times of King Hezekiah that is by itself an amazing engineering project. Visitors can walk through the tunnel which is partially filled with water, and come out at the pools of Shiloh.

Warren's Shaft Underground Tunnel System

Warren's Shaft Underground Tunnel System

Warren's Shaft

This is a underground tunnel system, discovered by Charles Warren consists of four parts: the stepped tunnel, the horizontal curved tunnel, the 14 meter vertical shaft and the feeding tunnel. 

The system was used to access the city’s supply of water from the Gihon Spring from inside the safety of the city walls.

There are conflicting ideas about the date of this tunnel, some say that is post-David and some say that it dates to the Bronze Age (c.1800 BC)

Remains of King David's Palace in City of David

Remains of King David's Palace

Palace of King David

City David archaeologist Eilat Mazar believes that a so-called Large Stone Structure she has discovered at the upper area of the site and tentatively dated to the tenth to ninth century BC, may be the palace of King David. The area is one of the most intensively excavated sites in the wider region.

A wonderful Experience

The City of David offers a peek into ancient Israeli history, and it can all be experienced first-hand.

Hours of Admission:

  • Sunday through Thursday, 9am-5pm;
  • Friday, 9am-1pm

There is an admission fee.

Phone number: 972-2-6262341

For more information visit City of David Website

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