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Christian Sites in Jerusalem
Visited by Thousands of Pilgrims

This is the site to find the Top Christian Sites in Jerusalem. We have been dealing with Pilgrims on Holy Land Tours and especially Jerusalem for almost fifty years and know firsthand all the sacred sites in this Holy City. In this article we are naming those important to the Christian Pilgrim.

The various churches and monasteries are located close to each other in Old Jerusalem, with the exception of a few on the other side of town.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This is by far the number one Christian Site in Jerusalem and to Christianity in general. It was built on the site where Jesus Christ was crucified, according to the gospels and the New Testament. It is located on Golgotha Hill at the end of Via Dolorosa in Old Jerusalem.

Christian Sites in Jerusalem

Church of All Nations also known as the Church of Agony

Church of All Nations also known as the Church of Agony

Church of All Nations

The Church of All nations is located in the Kidron Valley in the Mount of Olives in Old Jerusalem. Next to it are the Gardens of Gethsemane. This church is also known as the Church of Agony. It is run by the Franciscans and funded by many countries.

Christian Sites in Jerusalem

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

Located near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher it was built between 1892 and 1898 by architect Paul Ferdinand Groth following the designs of Friedrich Adler. The land donated to King Wilhelm I of Prussia by Sultan Abdülaziz of the Ottoman Empire in 1869.

Church of the Visitation

It is located in the Jerusalem suburb of Ein Karem and pays tribute to the visit of Mary the Mother of Jesus to her cousin Elizabeth, the mother of John. This is where Mary sang the song of praise called The Magnificat.

Garden of Gethsemane

This beautiful olive garden is located next to the Church of All Nations in the Mount of Olives. The trees here date to Biblical Times and are well maintained.

Large Procession of Pilgrims in the Via Dolorosa

Large Procession of Pilgrims in the Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa

The Way of Grief is a road in Old Jerusalem used by Jesus when he carried the Cross, stopping in 14 stations.

Christians have been coming to this site for centuries since early Christianity. As it is known Jerusalem Israel is a city open to all people of good faith that come to this city attracted by their belief, especially the Christians of all denominations that arrive to walk the Footsteps of Jesus.

Garden Tomb

It was discovered in 1867 and since then it has been considered the site of the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is located near the rock called Skull Hill or the Golgotha.

Mary's Tomb

This is the Church of the Sepulchre of Saint Mary, a Christian tomb in the Kidron Valley, at the foot of Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem.

It is believed by Eastern Christians to be the burial site of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene

This is a Russian Orthodox Church next to the Gardens of Gethsemane in the Mount of Olives.

According to the sixteenth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, Mary Magdalene was the first to see Christ after his resurrection.

Christian Sites in Jerusalem

Mount of Olives sacred to Christian and Jews alike

Mount of Olives sacred to Christian and Jews alike

Mount of Olives

This hill facing the walls of the Old City is sacred both to Jews and Christian alike.

Jews have been buried on the Mt of Olives in Jerusalem since Biblical times. It is estimated that there are around 150,000 graves on this site.

Dominus Flevit

This church is located opposite the walls of Old Jerusalem, constructed netween 1953 and 1955 by the Italian architect Antonio Barluzzi and is held in trust by the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land.

Church of St. John

Located in the Muristan area of the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem, it is a small Greek Orthodox church. In its current form, most of the above-ground church dates to the 11th century, and the crypt to the Late Roman or Byzantine period.

The Western Wall

Known for centuries as the “Wailing Wall” is the most sacred site for Jews, but from my experience with Christian Pilgrims, all of them including the different Popes, must pay a visit to this important site, the walls that once supported the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

Christian Sites in Jerusalem

Dormition Abbey

Located on top of Mount Zion, outside the walls is this abbey bearing the name of a Benedictine Community.

On August 15, Catholics around the world commemorate the taking of Virgin Mary into heaven ending here earthly life or falling asleep, in this sanctuary.

St Anne Church

It is located in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, near the Lion’s Gate, at the very beginning of the Via Dolorosa.

It is also near the Bethesda Pool, where, as per tradition Jesus healed a Paralytic.


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