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Cana of Galilee
Site of the Miracle of the Wine

Cana of Galilee of the Bible is today an Arab Israeli village called Kafr Cana, located in the Lower Galilee about 5 Km from Nazareth Israel on the road to Tiberias.

The Arab village of Kafr Kana in the Galilee

The Arab village of Kafr Kana in the Galilee

Miracle of the Wine

According to Christian Traditions it is here where Jesus performed the Miracle of the Wine.

Jesus and his disciples turned up at a wedding feast of some poor relatives of his Mother Mary. The wine ran out and to overcome the embarrassment, Mary turned to her son (John 2:1-11) asking him to save the situation; Jesus turned six jars of water into fine wine.

This miracle remained in Christian Theology as a seal of proof of the sanctity of marriage.

You may renew your Wedding Vows in Cana

You may renew your Wedding Vows in Cana

The site was confirmed by the Church

Since the 17th century it was confirmed that Kafr Cana is actually Cana of the Galilee and the Pope indeed confirmed it as one of the Christian Holy Places.

During Roman-Byzantine times there was a large Jewish Community in place, and then it was mostly Christian during the Mamluks period. Today most of the residents are Muslim.

There are still remains of ancient buildings and burial caves. Today’s residents have built their homes to the southeast and northeast of the ancient village.

Cana of Galilee

Painting of the Miracle of the Wine by Jesus

Painting of the Miracle of the Wine by Jesus

Important religious sites

The most important site is the Catholic Church, built in 1879, on the traditional site of the Miracle of the Wine. Besides this church you may see St George Greek Orthodox Church built in 1886 which houses the jars believed to be those used by Jesus to perform his miracle.

Another church called St Bartholomew, built by tradition over the house of Nathaniel of Cana (St Bartholomew) one of Jesus disciples that came from this town.

Besides some 200,000 tourists who visit Kafr Cana annually, a tradition has been developed to perform weddings and the renewal of marriages.

The center of town has been renovated and a promenade built uniting the different churches with small plazas along the promenade with shops and hotels, so visitors will have all amenities.

Painting of the Second Miracle of Jesus in Cana

Painting of the Second Miracle of Jesus in Cana

Second Miracle of Jesus

The second time Jesus came to Cana of Galilee he was met by a distressed official of the court of Herod Antipas coming from Capernaum. He knew about Jesus miracles and asked him to heal his son who was dying.

Jesus now showed he could heal even at a distance of 30 Km and said to the officer “Go, your son will live”. He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him. (John 2:1-11)


Church on the site of the Miracle of the Wine

Church on the site of the Miracle of the Wine

What to See in Cana

The Franciscan Wedding Church at Cana is small and has a façade of angels’ figures and flanked by two bell towers.

The church has two levels, with the upper church being a chapel with a single dome. In the nave below you may see a Byzantine mosaic at the entrance dating to the 5th or 6th century.

The lower church has a chapel and a small museum with artifacts from the site, including a winepress, a plastered cistern and vessels of various dates. One old jar is said to be one of the six jars used for the miracle.

The Franciscan Church is a Greek Orthodox Church which is usually closed.

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