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Ben Gurion Airport Expansion
A fifth passenger concourse 

Ben Gurion Airport expansion. This we hear from the Jerusalem Post and local Israeli TV Channel 12. The Transportation Ministry approved expansion plans worth NIS 3 billion, approximately $840 million, to cope with growing demand.

Ben Gurion Airport is located half way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

23 Million Passengers in 2018 through Ben Gurion Airport

23 Million Passengers in 2018 through Ben Gurion Airport

During the year 2019, almost 23 million passengers traveled through Ben Gurion Airport and as per predictions, within five years, passenger traffic is expected to reach 30 million annually. Under these plans, Ben-Gurion Airport’s main Terminal 3 will be expanded by some 80,000 square-meters, including the addition of 90 new check-in counters, four new baggage hall conveyor belts and the expansion of the existing duty-free space, immigration checkpoints and parking facilities.

Thousands of people at any single day at Ben Gurion Airport

Thousands of people at any single day at Ben Gurion Airport

Fifth Passenger Concourse

The plans will bring a fifth passenger concourse to be constructed branching off from the central terminal departure hall, to accommodate additional aircraft.

The existing concourses provide eight air bridges, each for boarding and disembarking, three of which are suitable for wide-bodied aircraft. The fourth existing concourse was inaugurated in February 2018.

Ben Gurion Airport Expansion

Aerial View of Ben Gurion Airport

Aerial View of Ben Gurion Airport

A huge investment

These are the words of Israel’ Transportation Minister: “I have approved an investment plan worth NIS 3 billion for the Israel Airports Authority to be ready for the increase of up to 30 million passengers a year, and to be prepared for a later increase of up to 35 million passengers. I have done this so that everyone will be able to fly from Ben Gurion Airport and enjoy excellent standards.”

People with Special Needs

I want to personally commend the services offered to people with special needs on their traveling through our state of the art airport.

Kol Hakavod !!!

New Ramon Airport near Eilat in Southern Israel

New Ramon Airport near Eilat in Southern Israel

In January 2019, the new Ramon Airport near Eilat opened its doors to its first passengers. Costing a total of NIS 1.7 billion, about $460 million, Ramon Airport was constructed to replace the Eilat and Ovda airports previously serving domestic and an increasing number of international flights.

Israel Tourism is breaking all records, and this makes us all very happy.

For more information visit Israel Tourism Official Website

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