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Abu Ghosh
An Arab Israeli Village on the way to Jerusalem

Abu Ghosh is an Arab-Israeli local council in Israel, located 10 Km west of Jerusalem on the Tel Aviv to Jerusalem highway. It is built on a hill at a height of about 700 meters above sea level.

It is known as the unrivaled hummus capital of Israel and some would say of the world. It features about 15 hummus restaurants, patronized by Israelis from all over the country.

Abu Ghosh Music Festival

Abu Ghosh Music Festival

It takes place twice a year, during spring and fall, during Sukkot and Shavuot holidays, and attracts top performers.

It takes place all over town and the restaurants, that by the way are busy year-round, are packed with festival-goers.

Abu Gosh Restaurant

Abu Gosh Restaurant

There is a choice for everyone, but the most renowned is the Abu Gosh Restaurant, established in 1993, by Jaodat Ibrahim, who after winning the lottery in Chicago, decided to return home and invest in his childhood town.

The restaurant was awarded the Guinness Word Record for the largest dish of hummus weighing almost 9,000 pounds.

Abu Ghosh

Stopping for a meal on the way to Jerusalem

Stopping for a meal on the way to Jerusalem

On the way to Jerusalem, it is a great place to stop for an experience in authentic Arab cuisine.

The town is particularly busy during Saturdays and Jewish Holidays, when most restaurants in Israel are closed.

Visiting this town without a car it is difficult, but there are organized tours visiting it including a stop in one of the hummus restaurants.

The Benedictine Monastery in Abu Ghosh

          The Benedictine Monastery in Abu Gosh                  

It has been in this village for more than 1,000 years, since the time of the Crusaders, and includes the Church of the Resurrection. According to Christian belief, Abu Ghosh stands in Emmaus, the place where Jesus revealed himself to his disciples after he was resurrected, and the Church of the Resurrection is devoted to celebrating that revelation.

It was active until the end of the 15th century and stood empty for some 300 years, until it was renovated. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and the walls show frescoes dating back to the 12th century.

Abbey in Abu Ghosh

Abbey in Abu Gosh

The Top landmarks of this Benedictine complex is the grand, vaulted Church of the Resurrection, which dates to the mid-12th century. This church is one of the best preserved in the country and was acquired by the French government at the turn of the 20th century.


Our Lady of the Ark of the Covenant

Our Lady of the Ark of the Covenant

Crowned with a statue of Mary carrying the infant Jesus, this hilltop church was built on the site of Kiryat Yaarim, the area where many Christians believe is where the Ark of the Covenant remained during the reigns of kings Saul and David.

It features a beautiful 5th-century mosaic on the church floor, preserved from the original Byzantine basilica, that was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Today it stands decorated in awesome art-deco style.

believed by many Christians to be where the Ark of the Covenant remained during the reigns of kings Samuel, Saul and David. A 5th-century mosaic can be seen on the church floor, beautifully preserved from the original Byzantine basilica that was destroyed and rebuilt multiple times. Standing today is a 1924 rebuild, decorated in lustrous art-deco style.

Sultan Sweets & Cafe in Abu Ghosh

Sultan Sweets & Cafe in Abu Gosh

This place is decorated with musical instruments, is a relaxing place for those who like to puff on a Nargilah (water smoke pipe) and enjoy deserts such as baklava, wedges of sesame halva or a wonderfully syrupy Kunafeh (vermicelli-topped cheesecake), best accompanied by strong coffee.


Map of Abu Ghosh on Road # 1 to Jerusalem

Map of Abu Ghosh on Road # 1 to Jerusalem

For more information visit Israel Official Tourism Website

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